How to gain muscle | Guide

Just to let you know guys that having a good nutrition can make the biggest change in your body composition, I want to show you how it can affect your body tremendously by having a good nutrition and weight training plan.

Before pics:

That was when I didn’t know anything about nutrition, there’s some muscle but not much.

After pics:

Now you can see I’ve learned something about nutrition, funny thing is I didn’t even dieting for a long time. I think I only bulked 1 or 2 times, I was doing 2-3months of bulking(eating a lot) then 2 to 4 weeks of fatloss, after that I was just eating healthy and working out to keep my shape. I lost a lot of muscles with trials and errors, I would have been bigger if I knew how to do a fatloss properly the first times but now I know how. Imagine how you could get bigger and stronger by dieting few months, you could be more muscular than me if you are truly dedicated to get the best shape of your life.

p.s. I’ve not talked about fatloss on this website yet but if you really want some tips and to know how to do it leave me a message on

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