Jason Ferrrugia Muscle Gaining Secrets 2.0 review

The truth is, physical appearance matters a lot to us. Otherwise, gyms wouldn't be packed as much as they are. All the fitness content available today would have no market. But that is not the case because we are all out here trying to learn how to get big and ripped.

And while muscle gaining is a struggle for most people, there are people who have it worse. You know who? The skinny guys; the ones who naturally looking scrawny who, no matter how much they eat and how much they work out. They make very little progress in their attempts to gain body weight and muscles.

If you are one of them, then that explains why you are here. Well, the good news is that I do have an answer for you on how you can successfully build your muscles & strength. The answer is Jason Ferrrugia's Muscle Gaining Secret 2.0 - 90-day skinny-to-jacked transformation plan and this is my honest review of the book. 

What Is The Muscle Gaining Secrets 2.0 Guide All About?

Before I get into what the Muscle Gaining Secret is all about, I must mention that this guide is only for beginners to early intermediate muscle gaining individuals. In this context, a beginner refers to anybody who has less than one year of appropriate training experience.

Now let's dig in on what you can expect from the latest release of Jason Ferruggia books. Will we?

The first part of the book features an introduction to what physical strength is, why it is important, and why you, as a hard gainer have been struggling to gain muscle. Ferrugia then goes ahead to discuss the 7 factors that the ultimate training plan for muscle gaining must put into consideration. He clearly explains, backed by facts and relatable examples why each of the elements are important and the role they play in your training. Some of the factors addressed include a training session and body parts frequency, exercise selection, as well as training volume.

Jason Ferruggia addresses recovery methods next. He shares his advice on necessary recovery techniques that will be useful in assisting your body to adapt to your new training routine, heal and facilitate the growth of muscles. In this discussion of recovery methods, Ferrugia emphasizes on why at least 8 hours of sleep is essential and its correlation to muscle growth. I can bet you didn't think proper deep sleep has a hand at muscle gaining.

The first section finally comes to a close with a small section on how to eat right for mass and muscle gaining. Even though Ferrugia does not dig dip into nutrition, he provides a handy formula for calculating the number of calories you should consume on your work out days and resting days to assist you to increase your body weight as well as how frequent you should eat.

The Hardgainer Workout Plan

If you expected Muscle Gaining Secret guide to be just like every other fitness guide out there with theoretical content only, you couldn't be any more wrong. This is the section where everything gets as practical as possible on paper.

The workouts section begins with information on what is important, and how an effective pre-workout warm-up should be achieved. Ferrugia in his style delves into details about the exercises best suited for lower body workout days, upper body workout days and tricks that you can employ as a beginner to adapt and get better results in muscle gaining training.

The guide then tackles the big four lifts with Jason Ferruggia sharing his modification of the big four lifts designed to achieve better results in individuals. Finally, assistance exercises are discussed in detail and tips on when and how they should be performed shared.

This pre-workout section is one of the most important sections in the entire guide as it is the foundation of understanding the important aspects of warm-ups, workout structures, the schedules and the expected progression in your training.

How's This Section Structured?

From the pre-workout discussion, the guide dives fully into the 90-day transformation plan - a tried and proven muscle gaining regime. The entire plan is divided into 3 phases with each phase inclusive of workout plans from week 1 to week 4. The workout plans are presented as printable workout sheets that are easily replicable.

The guide still extensively describes the exercises for each day stating the types of equipment to be used and outlining how to perform the exercises to maximize your strength, stimulate muscle growth and decrease your risks of suffering an injury. Right from day 1 to day 90, Jason Ferruggia gives step by step instructions of what you are expected to accomplish and how to monitor your progress. This is what makes Jason Ferruggia workouts so unique and easy to understand.

Like I already mentioned, this guide is specifically tailored to suit the need of beginners and intermediate lifters in muscle gaining; therefore, it would not be complete without a Question and Answer section. Ferrugia addresses numerous questions ranging from issues to do with basics workout form to possible challenges to be experienced when training. Everything you could want clarification on in regards to strength building, muscle gaining, and fitness has been addressed in this section.

Throughout the book, Jason Ferruggia states facts to back his claims and busts popular myths and misconceptions about strength building and muscle building. His very informative approach to fitness gives you a knowledgeable basis to truly understand the science of muscle gaining. To further provide proper direction, in every instance that a product should be used whether it is equipment or even a shoe, Ferrugia gives his recommendation of products that he has tried out and found to be of sufficient benefit.

These few paragraphs are only a summary of what to expect from the guide, but you can access the much larger skinny guy workout plan pdf available below.

The Pros and Cons of Muscle Gaining Secrets 2.0

Like every other product out there, this guide too has its strengths and weaknesses as a muscle gaining program. The pros of this guide include:

i).Hard Facts And No Fluff

There is probably no other fitness guide book out there that is as straightforward as what Jason Ferruggia has penned down. The book is full of scientific facts and content that is guaranteed to get you the results of gained muscles if diligently followed through. There are no quick-fix gimmicks or an easy way out, it simply a guide to working hard and working smart in your training. The guaranteed results of an outstanding change in 2 months are only achievable through consistency and discipline in following the workout plans.

ii).Simple Training Manual

jason ferruggia workout planThe 12-week training schedule available in the book contains all the information that you would require, presented in a simple format and easy language. With already organized workout sheets from day 1 to well-explained exercises to ensure you do them in the right form; you can not go wrong with the Jason Ferruggia workouts. Each workout consists of only 4 exercises that increase in difficulty as you work your way from phase 1 to phase 3 of the transformation plan throughout the 90 days.

iii).Basic Yet Effective Exercises

All the exercises directed in the 90-day workout plan can be done with a bench, weight plates barbells and dumbbells. You do not need any fancy equipment. Therefore, if you have a gym at home with these essentials you don't need to sign up for a gym membership. And what's more, with the Jason Ferruggia workout plan you only have to work out for 45 minutes, 4 days a week. And as long as you are consistent in your training and nutrition, you will get the results you deserve.

iv).Detailed Q and A Section

Ferrugia outdid himself in addressing as many possible concerns that you may have or experience while executing the training program. His answers are detailed and easy to understand. He's giving you all the knowledge you need to succeed in the transformation program. It's like having a personal coach on paper instead of in person.

v).A Month's Free Access To A Private Coaching Community

jason ferruggia online coachingEmbarking on such an intensive muscle gaining program is not easy, maintaining your consistency is even harder. It is with this understanding that Jason Ferruggia created an online coaching group for individuals using his guide to interact, share their experiences and find encouragement in the journey through the testimonials of others. Also if you would like video illustrations of the exercises, this too is available in the group. This community is exclusive to the individuals who purchase the 90-day skinny-to-jacked transformation guide.

Those are just a few of the outstanding strengths of the guide. But like already said this guide has its shortcomings too. They include:

i).It Is Not For The Faint-Hearted

With this transformation guide, you must be ready to work and work hard to get the desired results. You must be disciplined enough to persevere through the entire 90-day training program. There are no easy exercises and you will be expected to push your boundaries. In fact, the only way to gain more strength and grow muscles is by lifting heavier weights. So if this is not you, then you are not cut out for the program. Don't waste your time.

In Jason Ferruggia's words, you must be one of the five percent of people on this earth that can set their sights on a goal and do whatever it takes to achieve it.

ii).No Thorough Nutrition Guide

I already mentioned that although Ferrugia does not go into detail about nutrition, he gives some pretty helpful information. And while this is okay, I still feel that because nutrition plays a vital role in muscle building, more content should have been shared in the book. But on the flip side, to get more information on nutrition, Ferrugia recommends one of his other books "The Renegade Diet". So you can still access information on mass-building nutrition if you want to, you just have to invest in another book. And if you are serious about fitness then it's not too much to ask for.

iii).No Discussion On Muscle Building Supplements

While Jason Ferruggia is very vocal and clear about no steroids in his muscle building training program, he does not talk about supplements. And even though supplements do not necessarily have a hand in obtaining a great physique, they can be useful when it comes to improving performance and building lean muscle mass. It would have been very extremely helpful for Ferrugia to discuss how basic supplements can be incorporated in his workout plan as well as give his personal recommendations.

But... Who's Jason Ferruggia?

Jason Ferruggia is the chief training advisor for Men's Fitness Magazine, the writer of the monthly column "The Hard-Gainer" in the magazine and a board member of Live Strong in the capacity of an advisor.

He is an acclaimed author who has contributed to numerous articles for fitness-related magazines and websites. Jason is also a high-demand muscle building and conditioning specialist who in his time has trained Hollywood stars, military personnel, athletes, firefighters, and so many other clients to successfully shed fat and healthily gain muscles in record times.

But before all these accomplishments, Jason Ferruggia was just a skinny ass kid trying to gain some muscle. He went through the motions of tirelessly working out in the gym and copy-pasting regimens from bodybuilders. And for 5 years he diligently trained his body, and while he did gain some muscle, the results were nothing compared to all the effort he had put in. And that is when he realized that there must be something that he was not doing right. He began questioning whether there was a more effective way to gain muscle, especially for people like him who were on the skinnier side of the average male body size.

It is in this moment of evaluation that Jason decided to take another approach towards gaining muscles. He began by carrying out extensive research on muscle building then followed it up with trial and error training based on the knowledge obtained. Finally, he discovered the secret of how a skinny guy could gain muscle, and that was the turning point of his life.

He Went From Skinny To Jacked

Jason Ferruggia was the first proof that his research had paid off when he went from the 147 pounds he had struggled to gain in 5 years to a whopping 204 pounds of solid muscle all gained healthily, no steroids involved.

This is why Ferrugia is one of the most sought after trainers of our times. He has walked the journey of strength building, and muscle gaining as a hardgainer, made the mistakes every average lifter makes but learned from them and successfully achieved what was once thought impossible for him. His training advice comes from a place of both knowledge and experience, and that is what makes it all the more relatable.

Since 1994, Jason has shared his secret with numerous individuals whom he has helped gain muscle. He has done this through the reknown Jason Ferruggia workouts that he has developed and Jason Ferruggia books that he has authored. And his latest work is the Muscle Gaining Secret 2.0.- the ultimate guide to take anybody from skinny to jacked. But will this fitness guide work for you? Just take a minute and answer the three questions below then decide if it is something you should look into or not.

Are You A Hardgainer?

Well, by now you should already know what a hard gainer is. In other words, we could say it is a fancier term for describing skinny guys. It is one thing to know this tiny bit of information and another thing to understand what it means and how it impacts muscle gaining. Being a hard gainer means you are genetically inclined to struggle with building muscle. If muscle gaining was a race, being a hard gainer means you would start at a disadvantage. So what does that mean for you who wants to transition from skinny to jacked?

It means you will have to take a different path to successfully gain muscle. It means all these average muscle-gaining programs will most probably not work for you because you are not the average guy trying to gain muscle; you are a skinny guy trying to gain muscle. Failing to understand that you are a hardgainer means you are not training right or eating right to effectively grow your muscles, and that is why you are barely making any progress. Does this sound like you?

Do You Know What The Law Of Progressive Overload Is?

To effectively grow your muscles, you need to apply new stress to your body that it is not used to; to force your muscles to adopt then recover, which results in growth. This is the law of progressive overload. This essentially means that as you train you must constantly increase your weights and the reps of your exercises.

So here is my guess, you were not aware of this law in training, and you do not practice it. What you however do is the routine of lifting the same weights and doing the same number of reps. How is that working out for you? Because you are doing nothing more than wasting your time.

No overload means no stress on your body then no stress on your body means your muscles are not gaining any strength. Finally, no strength gained means no muscle growth. Still not sure the Muscle Gaining Secrets 2.0 is for you?

Do You Have A Solid Plan For Your Muscle Gaining?

Do you have a training workout plan that clearly stipulates what you will be every single day for a month or more? Or do you go to the gym and do some lifts and exercises here and there? Or do you just go ham in the gym until you wear your body out?

Do you stick to one training program and run through the entire course? Or are you on and off hopping from one program to another without making any real progress?

How many days in a week do you train? Or do you visit the gym depending on your mood for the day?

And finally, is your training program suitable for you as a hard gainer? Or are you just blindly copy-pasting workout regimes from bodybuilders you admire in the hopes of gaining some muscle?

If all your answers to the above questions are negative, then buddy, you are not going to shift from skinny to jacked any time soon. You are probably doing the wrong exercises, doing way too many reps, not lifting as often as you should and making so many other mistakes in your struggle to build muscle as a skinny guy. Your time at the gym will either cause you excessive exhaustion and tissue damage or result in no muscles for all your supposed hard work. And that is just sad and de-motivating.

So, can you see why you are struggling to gain muscles? Have I perfectly described your struggles? Well, I would love to take credit, but I am not that smart. All the above wisdom is thanks to one skinny guy who discovered the correct formula for gaining muscles and went ahead to share it with the world aka Jason Ferruggia.

In Conclusion...

I began this article by stating that the answer to how skinny guys can build strength and gain muscles successfully is the Jason Ferrrugia Muscle Gaining Secret 2.0, 90-day skinny-to-jacked transformation plan. And now that I have shared my honest review of the book, I hope you too can see why I believe this product is genuine and worth your investment.

The hardgainer workout has been proven to work by hundreds of skinny guys just like you who diligently followed out and can now show off their muscles. You too, can achieve the body you desire.

Download the Muscle Gaining Secret package here which includes the training manual, a quick-start audiobook, and an exercise library, today.

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