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What Body Type Am I? | Best Body Type Quiz

Do you know that people have three different body types? Each has its characteristics, along with a few positive and negative traits too. The kind of body you have determines all sorts of factors like the best exercises for you and the types of foods you should eat. If you aren't sure which of the…
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Can’t Gain Muscle Mass? Here’s 7 Tips To Grow Bigger

Are you having a hard time to put on muscle? Chances are you're doing something wrong. You could eat enough calories, sleep well, going frequently to the gym and still wondering why you can't gain muscle mass fast. If that's the case, your workout plan could be the problem. Let's see 7 of the best…
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Is Overtraining A Myth? Discover The Truth

Are you one of those people who're afraid of overtraining? Is overtraining a myth or there is some truth to it? Because... I want to start by saying that overtraining is not what you might think it is. In other words, you can overtrain but I think people are misinformed and take a lack of…
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